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New graphics

Oct. 23rd, 2007 | 11:52 pm
I am: home
Feelin': contentcontent
Listening to: Sting&Eric Clapton - It's probably me

I made some new wallpapers these days and thought I'd share them.
Here they go.
Cry (1280x800)
Save Liz (1024x768) or (1280x800)
Moonlight (1024x768) - Errrr, this picture is a bit.... well let's say I might not recommend it to anyone too young (I really don't know what should be the number here... 16 maybe?) It's nowhere near playboy or anything, ok, I'm rambling now, anyway, you've been warned!

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Oct. 23rd, 2007 | 11:20 pm
I am: home
Feelin': hungryhungry
Listening to: Sting - The Mighty

I haven't written in a few days. Everything is OK, job is a bit messy, but otherwise I like the people there so it's quite okay at the moment. The weather is still cold and people are crazy, but hey, welcome to my country... I'm not really proud of my nationality right now, but I'm not gonna sacrifice anymore precious words on this topic.
I've been a bit sick during this long weekend, but I hope I'll be okay tomorrow.
Due to resting a lot I've been quite creative though.
I sent my "regular" post (what, so far I entered every single one) to vixen's challenge, and it was the best so far :D I had so many ideas left I'm thinking about making a couple of other pictures for other fics. I dunno I just don't feel like editing a video these days, I'm into graphics :) Other examples are in the next post :)
I haven't seen any new SGA this week. I saw Doppelganger last week, after it leaked out and I thought that it was possibly the worst SGA ep so far, completely foolish, in the wrong way, the story came from 3 SG-1 stories, nothing new, the effects were lame, the clown and the whale were stupid ideas, yet another character died, I couldn't even enjoy the double/wet John because the whole thing was just so FAKE, dramatically imbalanced, I didn't understand the end, they never tried to negotiate with the Entity, although I liked that hint that John has changed under (no pun intended) Elizabeth, cause he would have never tried to reason with something instead of fighting and Sam was pointing that out nicely. I don't really like the new uniforms, so this ep was a big disappointment. I hope that was the deepest point this show could go, because I don't want to think about the case it wasn't... enough of that.
I like the new show I'm watching, Big Shots, these guys are sweet and funny (OK, it's not the best one ever, but definitely watchable), I can't help but adore Michael Vartan, as always, and be amazed how sexy Dylan McDermott is!!!! GOSH!
And I'm positively disappointed in the new Desperate Housewives season too. Still interesting (OK, not the first season but still) and I loved Lynette and Tom in this episode sooooo much. They were very sweet. I like that they keep their good relationship on screen. Makes me believe that marriage can work against all odds after all (and this is definitely not the same message I get from everywhere else!)
This afternoon I was watching Lois&Clark videos on YouTube... I felt nostalgic. :D:D:D
So that's it for now.

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Ordinary things

Oct. 15th, 2007 | 06:53 pm
I am: home
Feelin': relievedrelieved
Listening to: Joaquin Phoenix - Ring of Fire

The exam went well, I passed.
I watched the new Desperate Housewives ep this afternoon (not my favorite show but still OK) and am off to have some drinks with my colleagues.
I'm looking for a song for a new first strike/adrift/lifeline video I'm planning on making and I have some ideas but still looking. Any Ideas?
That's for now.
Love. Peace. Fight. Fiction.

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Oct. 15th, 2007 | 02:32 am
I am: home
Feelin': sadsad
Listening to: clock ticking

Okay, so Reunion (for you, P, but I’m gonna write in English so I could post it on my LJ)


-       Beginning – bit of a jump from the end of Lifeline, isn’t it? – Teyla and Ronon are sweet J (Nice coat, Teyla, where did you get that?!)

-       Too cheerful…

-       “John”??? she says John?

-       I can’t watch the main title… it’s so sad and fake without Liz and Carson (and how I used to love it…)

-       Yeah, if you were thinking about this scene with Teal’c, I’ve seen this on Friday on a site (dunno where), it’s sweet and makes me love Sam and even feel sorry for her… it’s so clear that she has been thinking hard whether to accept this or not (I can imagine that Jack told her similar things like T did, BTW would it just hurt them to finally show us that they’re together??? Everyone knows anyway… Forget it, I didn’t say a word)

-       Have you seen that grey line in T’s hair, just above his ear?????

-       I didn’t like how she arrived. John was too cheerful the dialog was lame, only a couple of people were there just for show, they should have mentioned that this is temporary or Dr. Weir at all, and that bad hint about award shows… blah

-       Sam has put on some weight… a lot to be exact… but she’s beautiful, as always (I’m starting to be OK with this hair)

-       Rodney: “I’m seeing someone” scene – ROFL

-       God, Ronon is the most faithful one – I liked this scene and to be honest expected something alike when the other satedans appeared (I wonder what’s the trick about them – wraith spies or stuff???)

-       OK, so that was the SQUEE scene??? Let it be that. God, tomorrow I’m gonna watch New Order Pt. 1 when Sam begs Liz to let her go and find Jack… But this scene… this conversation was soooooooo like the one between John and Liz in Rising. Almost sentence by sentence… that one was a bit more heated, but given their position and everything no wonder. It’s nice to have this scene, I was only hoping for it to happen, for him let her know that “OK, you’re here and I’m OK with that, but you know that this is temporary, right? Because I’m gonna find her.” That’s nice. I wonder if/when/how he will forget/give up all this. It’s a bitter thought but not far from the truth… Remember: DO NOT hope, then you will not be disappointed (ironically this piece of advice is always true for Stargate, but life is not this cruel) Oh, and I don’t like that they’re on the balcony and that she’s calling him John…

-       Teyla and Ronon talking – I love them, they’re such great characters, so alike, and it’s good that they show a bit of their drama as well

-       Well, John definitely has a tired face… there’s something in his eyes - sadness… or is it just me who wants to see it?? Maybe. I do feel sorry for him though, now Ronon leaving him… (of course he’s not really, but he doesn’t know that at this point)

-       They used to need more bullets to take down a wraith, didn’t they?

-       HAH! I knew it! They’re on the wraith’s side!

-       I don’t like this wraith… did you notice that over time every enemy becomes much more human? The goa’uld, the replicators, the wraith… weird… the wraith were made so well at the beginning but now? Somehow it’s just not “real”

-       Huh, Sam in action… wait a minute… is that wise to risk the lives of the complete senior Lantian staff by putting Sam and Zelenka also in the first line? If the mission goes FUBAR, who stays?

-       OK, all in all, it was better than Doppelganger, but still not the original SGA I fell for. The absence of Elizabeth and by that the heart of Atlantis is soooo visible that it hurts. A lot. And it has nothing to do with the sparky stuff. I’ve found an article on the net (read it!) and it’s so true. I miss Liz. I miss Atlantis. This ep, although it was closer to the real ones, had something in it that made it so… not balanced. I felt that the storyline was a cliché and the whole ep somehow didn’t have the usual dynamics and chemistry. I’m not really sure if that’s just because of Liz, but surely this wouldn’t have been so painfully obvious had she been still here with us.

-       God, I so hope she will be back… for good I mean. The show without her so far is not good. (It’s not like when Danny was missing, OK I missed him, but the show was still good and they managed to replace him with another great character.  More like after Jack was gone… the hole he left behind was so big, nobody could take his place but in that case at least they gave us a “sort of okay” ending and 8 years to remember. But now? Nothing. 3 years were too short, there’s no end but they ripped her out of our hearts and out of Atlantis’ heart. Cruel. Not understandable. BAD.) Please God, let her come back!

ps: shame on me, but I didn't notice THE PICTURE!!! Thanks to P's watchful eyes for making me notice it! So sweeeet! SQUEEE! That's gotta say something! Especially because they let us see it. It's nice and squee and all, but I still want my Liz back. And Sam on Earth beside Jack!

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Oct. 14th, 2007 | 09:50 pm
I am: home
Feelin': okayokay
Listening to: ...

Ooooookay, so I'm back from outta space... I just wish.
I've just returned to Budapest and trying to catch up with everything that happened out in the virtual community...
Lots of sparky entries to read, as well as some fics etc. Oh, and the most important: to download Reunion and the new Big Shots ep. (Gotta love Michael Vartan...) I've heard some nice news about Reunion, so I'm quite curious.
We've been doing some shopping with my mom yesterday, but otherwise I was lazy all weekend. I needed it. The exam went well, the oral part is tomorrow but it's gonna be a piece of cake (or at least I think I'll pass). And I have the whole morning free!
On the train I've been (re)reading Bridget Jones... Every time I read these books I feel she's a personal friend of mine and every time I get to the end, it's a bit sad to say goodbye. Maybe  should look for some BJ fanfic...
The weather turned REALLY cold, but since it's the middle of October, I should not complain. Actually it's much more frightening when the weather does not behave like it's supposed to. I can't stand the cold, but still... I don't want the climate to change.
Alrighty, as I'm talking about the weather here, I think it's time to finish for now.

Almost forgot! New Lifeline icons:

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Oct. 11th, 2007 | 11:55 pm
I am: home
Feelin': exhaustedexhausted
Listening to: Hairspray OST

Ok, so... briefly...
The exam and the end of the training is tomorrow, I didn't study much today, so my conscience is not clear but I don't think I will fail... I hope I'm not too self-confident.
Instead of studying we've been watching "The Client" with Tell, and I made some icons:

Here they are:

Tomorrow I'm going home to visit my mom, so I'll be offline during the weekend and have to wait with Reunion until Monday.

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Oct. 11th, 2007 | 01:02 am
I am: home
Feelin': sleepysleepy
Listening to: fridge buzzing

There goes my vow to write here more often... :)
I couldn't stay away anymore though, my conscience is making me drop a few line here. It's very late and I have to get up at 6:30 am, but nevertheless, the main points are:
- training is gonna end on Friday (day after tomorrow, or actually tomorrow) with an exam... blah
- new colleagues are nice
- I'm not in a very creative mood these days, but wanted to come forward with something for vixen_logic's challenge (more here) I don't like the outcome very much myself, but you're gonna be the judge not me :)
- Lifeline and Adrift... that's another topic - I'm gonna elaborate these later (Doppelganger too)
- I began a sparky fic today, but am not sure if I'll finish it (I'll try, and even if I did I would still need an english speaker beta - anyone?)
- I'm watching a lot of Gilmore Girls
- I am tired :D

So, that's for now. I'll get back to you soon. (sorry for the grammar mistakes)

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Sep. 26th, 2007 | 01:52 am
I am: home
Feelin': tiredtired

Today is the big day when I officially obtained an Internet connection and I swore to write here more regularly if that happens. It was a big fight with the wireless router, but we WON!
I posted my vids on the sparky thread, youtube, kawoosh and brokenroads and hope they will like it. I have to admit that I was very disappointed after the abydosgate competition. My videos weren't the best, but kind of things they said about them... it felt like having my child beaten... but it's over now
I have a job too, I'm on training at the moment (should sleep too, coz I'll have to wake up early) and I like it so far. It's definitely worth a try.
I can't remember anything else at the moment, but as I will write here more regularly from now on, important topics will just pop-up eventually.
good night

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Sep. 13th, 2007 | 10:42 am
I am: home
Feelin': stressedstressed
Listening to: Sting – Consider Me Gone

I wrote this yesterday evening, but didn’t have any Internet to post it.
I am angry, disappointed, confused, tired, sad, and desperate and probably a million other picturesque adjective as well…
It is a bit unfair you know when your things just don’t wanna be the way they’re supposed to be, and your almost only joy is to have a fandom, to create stuff etc. Then the world just decides, that you’re doing too well, and it doesn’t matter how much you worked on something, strangers just call is shit or how much you hoped something and loved some pathetic stuff, not even your dream world is in order anymore. And although you were expecting all this crap, nothing could prepare you for this feeling, which is even worse because you despise yourself or being so pathetic to care about this stuff this much.
And then we haven’t talked about the real world, how honesty and honour are nonexistent things and it doesn’t matter how talented and willing you are, if you don’t play their game, with their rules, you just don’t get shit.
I’m fed UP!
I dunno where my life goes but certainly not in the right direction these days. And – thank you, my dear TPTB – now my simplest source of pathetic joy is also taken from me. Thanks again world.
I’m pathetic.

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still here

Sep. 6th, 2007 | 08:08 pm
I am: new home
Feelin': coldcold
Listening to: Roy Orbison - Pretty Woman

God, a lot of things have happened since I last had the chance to write here.
First: we moved. I like our new apartment, it's very comfy, but very cold at the moment, cause the weather has gone crazy over here. It's VERY cold! Hope it's gonna improve. I don't really have a stable Internet over here either, which cuts my sparky net activity time off big time!
Of course that does not mean, that I'm not active anymore :D
I have made 3(!) new videos, all are entries for the Abydosgate Video Competition, but they don't seem to like it very much. It's not a good system after all, cause it's only Hungarian... anybody can vote on the forum, but it's all in Hungarian... that makes it a bit difficult.

Edia is also in with 2 vids.
So, my/our videos are not doing really well over there, not even the one I was working on so much... They are not very sparky you see. It's a bit of a disappointment, but after that whole thing is off, I’m gonna publish them on the sparky community and youtube as well, hoping for a better feedback.

Plus the whole thing is without names, I dunno why.

I have tons of fics to read, and I have to re-begin Unexpected, cause it’s finally finished and I swore to myself, that as soon as it is, I’ll read it from the very beginning. I LOOOOVE that story.

I’m quite familiar now with my photo software (Ulead PhotoImpact 12) and I really enjoy working with it. BTW I won Vixen’s conversion challenge, which also not really a big thing, as no one else posted an entry but me. But I won it nevertheless. Here is the evidence: :D

And here is the winner piece.


Since then I saw that she’s put on another challenge, and I’m gonna post something for that too. It’s a SPARKY MOVIE POSTER. We’ll see how it’s gonna do.

That’s it at the moment, I hope I’ll have more opportunity to write here in the future.

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